If you are thinking about doing charity, then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to discuss top forms of charity. Click here for csr charities singapore.

Financial help

Sharing the money, you have with someone in need, without looking at who it is, is considered the charitable act par excellence in modern capitalist society. It should be understood differently, however, from philanthropy, which is solidarity with initiatives considered morally valuable or worthy of monetary assistance. Visit this site for csr charities singapore.

Give food to the hungry

Another supreme gesture of charity, which consists in feeding others without expecting any payment or retribution, simply for doing good to placate hunger on earth. It is carried out by numerous local and international charities, including different churches and NGOs.

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Giving clothes

Traditionally, old or disused clothing is presented and this is understood as a gesture of compassion for the dispossessed; nevertheless, the true Christian charity would be to deliver the clothes in use and in conditions to those who do not own anything.

Help the stranger

Compassion and empathy in situations of risk or fragility that a stranger life would have to occur in a charitable soul, which would be willing to help those who have no connection with it and without waiting for any form of present or future compensation in return. This includes, for example, raising one’s voice in defense of the rights of others, minorities and those who cannot do so by their own voice.

Help selflessly

Whether it is the classic example of helping the old woman to cross the street or of giving her seat to a pregnant woman, charity means giving a kind hand to the needy and putting her wellbeing before ours. In everyday life, multiple practical examples of charitable behavior can be given to children, the elderly or people with disabilities.