Bitcoin is the volatile animal that some find it very confusing while considering how the price is set. When this currency was launched for the first time, it did not have any official ビットコイン価格 because nobody was selling this for the US dollars. But, when first exchanges started to appear the price developed.

Various Factors Influence the Bitcoin Price

The bitcoins price is not set by anybody in particular. It is set by market, or to make things more complex, also it varies. Part of reason for different values is actually where this data comes from. The Bitcoin is not traded at one place. But, it is been traded on the multiple exchanges, and all of that set their average prices, and based on trades getting made by an exchange at a time. The indexes will gather together rates from many exchanges as well as average this out, however not all indexes make use of same exchanges for the data. For any case, you cannot trade bitcoin through the index sites—and all they are doing is aggregating the price information.


Suppose you would like to buy or sell the bitcoin, you need to select the particular exchange that can have the average cost. The cost of the bitcoin fluctuates in a given moment, which depends upon who you are talking to.

Liquidity & Price

Price of the bitcoin is volatile anyway. It is partly because of the liquidity that is an amount of the bitcoin that is flowing through market at the given time.