Are you one of those people who never miss taking a picture with yourself or with your friends during an event or a party? Well, a lot of people simply loves photo booths and in 2018 alone, it shows that the interest of people for photo booths across the world is dramatically increasing, where it shows that almost fifty percent increase from the previous years of 2017 and 2016.

Event photobooth

Not only are users being more active on searching online for photo booth rentals, but also, users are also very active of sharing their photos that were taken at photo booths during activities through their social media accounts.

There are 226,000 average monthly searches about photo booth a month which is roughly fifty percent increase while in the United States there are about 20,000 average monthly searches about it. In fact, a lot of people are talking and discussing photo booths in Twitter which is tweeted in every 15 minutes on average while a whopping two million plus hashtag photo booth photos are on Instagram and there are more than four-hundred thousand photo booth related videos on YouTube as well.

If you are planning to set-up a photo booth on your next affair or party, here are some useful tips from Kande Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles that you may use in finding the best ways to set it up.

  • You can place black cardboard and a piece of chalk so the guests can write whatever they want while taking photos because a lot of people consider this funny and enjoyable way to take pictures with a personalized message.
  • Using a green screen technology can provide you “Hollywood” special effects by using computer graphics. Using a green screen on the background of your photo booth can literally take pictures of yourself in different backgrounds that you can upload using a computer.
  • After every event, the guests are always given a thank you gifts for souvenirs, and one way to impress them is to give them a printed version of their photos taken earlier during or before the event with a dash of some personalized design. You can also print their pictures with a magnet attached to it or even mugs to make it more special.
  • You can add more accessories to make it more luxurious by adding a red carpet to achieve that Hollywood theme like they are celebrities arriving at the event.
  • Set the camera by using a tripod set if you are planning to shoot large pictures. Set your shutters at 1/200 if you cannot synchronize the light faster than that. The aperture of your camera should be set at f/5.0 in order to get larger groups without getting out of focus.
  • Use a fifty-millimeter lens considering that having a wider lens is perfectly covering the amount of fabric in the background, and if you had a larger background, you can upgrade the size of the lens or if you are shooting from a distance or shooting vertically, you would all be interested in adjusting the options of it to achieve a more focused and higher-definition pictures that you can give to your guests.