Whether you have a start-up business or a well-established one, raising affordable capital is very important, but not easy to do. In order for a small to mid-size enterprise (SME) to thrive, a good flowing capital should be a priority. But how can you achieve this? You need assistance from Receivables Financing.

Qupital, Your Partner To Reach Business Success

This is why at Qupital, their goal is to help different SMEs all across the Greater China Region. The company helps businesses to raise working capital at an affordable rate. This is done through professional investors or through online platforms. At Qupital, their investors range from high net worth people, family offices, as well as institutional investors.

Qupital does not only help SMEs that are in traditional trading from the solutions they offer but also those e-commerce businesses that need to raise trade finance. Here are your options:

  • Invoice Finance. With Qupital, companies can fund an invoice when they need to. There’s no need to spend everything you earned and run out of funds. Qupital provides a solution for your seasonal or occasional cash flow needs.
  • Import and Export E-Commerce Finance. This trade finance platform will bring forward cash against the businesses’ trade receivables on the e-commerce platforms that are importing to China – like TMall, Kaola, JD.Com, etc.

Get Fast And Easy Working Capital In 4 Easy Steps!

If you need to have affordable working capital soon, then you need Qupital. The process is super fast and easy! Just follow these four quick steps to start your cash flow funding for SME or e-commerce trading.

  • Online Registration. To get started, you need to register to Qupital online. All you need to provide is your company’s information, the financial details, a copy of your bank statements for the last six months, and the account details of your e-commerce platform.


  • Add Your First Customer. Once you are done with the online registration, it is time to add a customer to your account. Qupital has a DBS client account set up for you that you can use at no extra charge to start receiving your payment.
  • Upload Invoice. To start your financing, you can add more than once an invoice file. Qupital will not require you to finance your whole sales ledger. Use Qupital’s finance solution when you need it.
  • Funds Received. In 24 hours or less, you can start receiving up to 80% of your invoice. This is because once you are verified, the company’s investors can start bidding and purchasing your invoices.

Why Choose Qupital?

Wondering why choose Qupital from other trade finance platforms? With Qupital, your company can start efficiently financing your e-commerce trades. The funding process is fast and easy. As soon as you upload the invoice, you will receive the funds in less than 24 hours.

You will also have control over the funding processes because you can fund invoices whenever you need to, no contracts nor hidden fees apply. Qupital finance solutions are easy and secure. The company uses a smart online platform that will reduce your admin work while keeping your company’s information in private.