People now love to achieveanything without nay hard efforts. All these thingsare because of the introduction of the internet technology. They have got anything they need without even crossing the doorstep and hence the financial market is also facing the changes that has happened due to the innovations in the internet technology. Now the virtual currencies are making a great venture into the market and you have heard about the Libra introduced by the famous Facebook into the market. But still bitcoin is the king because it is the first introduceddigital currency and get bitcoin news here to learn some thing interesting about this digitalcurrency. It has a lot of advantages compared to other rivals but in brief, it is still the credible digital currency for all the investors. But you may have the question why?


Facts about bitcoin

The reason is very simple because it is the only alternative to the gold. Today it is hard to use gold as a medium of transaction. But by the help of bitcoin news you can easily understand the fact that bitcoin can have a dual purpose for the investors. It is used in the transactions because it requires only less amount of transaction fee. At the same time you can store your extra assets in the form of bitcoin because the price of the bitcoin will never fall as it is available only in a limited number. This is the reason why bitcoin is stated to be the digital gold now.