Whether you have teeth that push against one another (called crowding) or gaps in between (called spacing), it is time that you request the help of orthodontists. Orthodontists will decide the ideal treatment to correct your problem. If the orthodontist recommends clear aligners, you should know why.

Before anything, you have to learn a few things about clear aligners. Clear aligners are considered an alternative to traditional metal braces. This means it is also designed to steer the teeth into their proper position by using gradual force. Moreover, clear aligners are custom-built for a snug fit. This treatment is best for teens and adults.

Typically, clear aligners are made from acrylic material or clear plastic that will fit tightly over your teeth. Though it is not like the traditional braces, you still need to come every few weeks for slight adjustments to move your teeth. The treatment time will depend on your teeth but in general, clear aligner treatments usually take between ten to twenty-four months to complete.

Now that you know things about clear aligners, it is time to know why it is ideal for correcting your teeth. Here are the reasons:

It is subtle

The main selling point of clear aligners is its subtleness. Most adult patients consider clear aligners because it appears invisible or subtle. This can hide the fact that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment at the moment. Aside from being invisible, it can conceal existing gaps, which can benefit your smile and your self-confidence in the long run.

It is removable

Another reason why it is considered is its removability feature. If you use traditional braces, you have to accept that brackets, wires, and bands will be part of your life for eighteen to twenty-four months depending on the gravity of your teeth problems.

If you use clear aligners, you will love the removability feature. The ability to remove clear aligners when you eat, brush and floss can make a big difference in your orthodontic treatment journey. Since you can remove it, there are no food restrictions. This means you can eat whatever you like and not worry about loose brackets and wire.

It has health benefits

Since you can remove clear aligners, brushing and flossing are made easy. In the end, this can benefit your oral health. If you have traditional braces, you will find it difficult to take care of your teeth because of the brackets and wires. With this, cavities, staining, and other problems will arise.

It is easy and comfortable

Many orthodontists find clear aligners efficient with impressionless scanning. Traditionally, patients spend more time with mouth extenders and putty in their mouth but with impressionless scanning, things are easier, comfortable and more accurate. You must know that impressionless scanning creates a 3D scan of your teeth so you do not spend more time getting uncomfortable.

Final words

If you want to smile more confidently, it is time that you think about Orthodontics treatments specifically clear aligners. While clear aligners are more expensive when compared to traditional metal braces, it delivers quick, comfortable and accurate results. In the end, you will enjoy the treatment and not be embarrassed about it.