Delivery in the e-commerce sector is a major drag on online shopping. And for good reason! This is the first online purchase criterion. For 62% of online shoppers, delivery is the number one criterion when shopping online. Nearly one out of two consumers abandon their basket if the delivery is not offered on a commercial site. Another equally alarming behavior on online shoppers: 59% of Internet users abandon their orders because of delivery options deemed unsatisfactory. E-commerce delivery is, therefore, a major challenge for Japan e-retailers who want to gain best pawn shop in singapore a foothold in the e-commerce market and retain their customers.

best pawn shop in SingaporeThe choice of e-commerce delivery: one of the major expectations of online shoppers!

To propose several delivery methods is an important element when choosing the delivery solutions to put in place on its commercial site. When they order on the internet, users want to have several delivery options or they will not hesitate to go to the competing sites. And this behavior is very common since 84% of Internet users are ready to change their website to benefit from a delivery adapted to their needs. Some even abandon their orders (59%) because they believe that the proposed delivery options are unsatisfactory. Among the delivery options usually offered in e-commerce, home delivery (62%) is the preferred means of delivery for French Internet users , followed by delivery in Point Relays (25%), delivery to a post office ( 6%), delivery to the store’s points best pawn shop in Singapore  of sale (5%), delivery to an automatic deposit (2%).

To meet these expectations of online shoppers and avoid losing customers, online merchants will have to come up with a pretty wide offer of delivery options. Even though home delivery remains the most widespread, online retail sites will be well advised to offer other delivery methods to meet all types of buyers and increase their sales.