We serve custom fishing rods and rod building supplies. A fishing rod is a device used in sports fishing that consists of a long pole with a line held in place alongside it with the use of guides. Usually, these lines are unbroken in storage on a reel that the angler spins to each take-up and set free the line whereas casting. At the loose end of the line is a hook to hold the bait, either live worms and insects or artificial lures, as well as bobbers (or floats) and sinkers that keep the bait at the proper level in the water.

The building of fishing rod is much easier, and more affordable than many anglers think. There are many reasons to consider and build a custom fishing rod. They are:

Performance: If you want to build a rod, then first you must find out the spine of the rod, which ensures your guides will be aligned correctly or not.  This gives your rod the absolute maximum power and performance and is a clear advantage over factory made rods.

Weight:  Since you get to decide the components and accessories that do (or do not) get on your rod, you can really keep the weight down.  This may not matter if you are going fishing for an hour with a bobber and dough ball, but if you sling spinner baits all day, this will definitely add up to more enjoyable fishing conditions.

Options: If you wish a board split grip into an ultralight, with a fishing pole tip prime guide, and a pit viper skin inlay higher than the winding check, well, have at it.

Pricing:  Like anything else, you can spend more, or spend less.  For example, if you are just starting out, we have rod kits that start for under $50.  If you are a professional builder, we have the high products and accessories as well.

Hobby: Some people just love building rods, and spend so many hours developing intricate patterns on their rods that they never fish with them.  The rods simply suspend on their wall next to some stuffed fish as a decoration.