Academic writing is written keeping in mind the purpose to fulfill the requirement in schools, university, research, publications.  A quality academic writing has the power to shape a person’s destiny. A quality academic writing is the one which possess the right structure and style. Academic writing can take any of these forms – descriptive, analytical, critical and persuasive. A well planned, organized, concise, clear, grammatically correct, precise, and accurate academic writing is hard to come by. Edu Birdie comes to the rescue here and this is proven by the many customer’s testimonials provided. Quality triumphs quantity.  Pitching the idea with right vocabulary is an art which has to be mastered to an extent. The value of quality academic writing increases with the amount of research put into it, efforts taken to get the facts right.

Clearly stating the purpose in the beginning of the academic writing is much appreciated.

The general format of a quality academic writing can be captured in the below mentioned way:

  • Introduction: The introduction has to be captivating as it can make a strong impact on the reader.
  • Body: This consists of multiple paragraphs arranged in a logical order. There has to be a certain amount of cohesion between the paragraphs as it would facilitate smooth flow of ideas in the writing helping the readers to understand it easily.
  • Conclusion: This is the part where you end your academic writing by summarizing it in a crisp manner. Take-home points must be emphasized.

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