Supercell, the creator of Clash of Clans and Clash of Royale, had released the new PvP battler. The mobile game is exciting as players compete in 3 versus three matches. The winner is the ones who have control of most gems. However, this does not end up here, and there is four other game mode. Each of these is more enjoyable and competitive.

Tips and tricks for Brawl Stars game

All games have tips and tricks to follow. No game that has no tips and tricks unless a player is expert and has all the knowledge of the game to win. Especially, Brawl Stars Cheats make all the possibilities to own a strong brawler, upgrading and unlocking for free. However, even advanced players used to follow some tips and tricks:

1.A Brawler need to take control

Throughout the match, a box of gem drops in the middle of the Gem Grab event. To take control of the box will be a sure-fire way of winning the game. A player has more gems over than the opponent. The lack of cover is the downside to own the middle. To keep moving towards the enemy and then drop back in grabbing gems is an excellent move. Players become the strongest when all the three sticks together.

tricks for Brawl Stars game

2.A Brawler must heal up

A brawler needs to stop shooting to regenerate health. To lie down weapon in any period may seem risky. However, there are many ways to avoid being killed and to heal. A brawler all have the chances to take cover in the bushes and even ambush an enemy when having full health. A brawler is free to walk away and regenerate health.

3.A brawler must be normally aggressive, but not too much

When a brawler goes guns blazing, it runs into more than to be bargained for. Either it is a whole heap of enemies or in need to reload, to take a team of people is unwinnable and unwise. Get up in a close range to damage an enemy. After that, make a small retreat and reload, be healed and return with suppressive fire. Be patient, by doing this once or twice, and it charges an special attack.

4.A Brawler must use a special attack

Each character has a special attack that should be used. It can demolish the enemy or the enemy’s environment where they are hiding. It does not matter when and how to be used as a brawler need not waste time.