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Myths vs. Facts About Dietary Supplements

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Most American households have high hopes on the dietary supplements with more than half of Americans consuming them. It might be the best choice to go for dietary supplements only when you lack a healthy and balanced diet. Unfortunately, most people lack the necessary vitamins and minerals with the constant juggling between work and home, making dietary supplements as the best alternative.

There might be little or no proper research to indicate the effectiveness of dietary supplements, giving rise to a lot of myths. The difference between the myths and facts are so small that people tend to confuse myths to be facts.

Here’s a list of myths about dietary supplements you must know of before purchasing them:

  1. Dietary supplements and over the counter drugs

Dietary supplements are available over the counter, while medicines are closely controlled and monitored. Most people tend to believe dietary supplements are safe because they can be availed over the counter with ease. Most dietary supplements are safe for human consumption which comes in handy to make up for the inadequate vitamins and minerals in your daily diet.

It might be dangerous when you take dietary supplements in high dose. Dietary supplements might not cause any toxic effect, however, they tend to impact your overall health. It’s suggested that you take dietary supplements only in the prescribed quantity by your health care provider.

  1. Natural dietary supplements are safe

You might not be able to find a lot of people who will support the idea of refined or man-made substance to safer than the natural or unrefined ones. Most dietary supplements which claim to be all natural might not be safer than the manufactured ones, most toxic substances occur naturally.

Botanical supplements are made up of a lot of chemicals; some chemicals might be helpful while some are poisonous. You might not be able to figure out which part of the plant might be helpful to treat your deficiency and which might cause allergies or might even be poisonous. It’s a myth that natural supplements to be safe or better than the manufactured ones.

Take some plants in trace quantity might work wonders as a dietary supplement, while the same in large quantity might be unsafe for your health. It might be ideal to go for dietary supplements that are available in the market, which are refined and suitable for augmenting the deficiency in your diet.

  1. Dietary supplements have better results when combined with regular medicines

Dietary supplements might seem like medicines, but it might not be the best idea to consume prescription drugs with supplements. Some supplements have the potential to block or speed up your body’s absorption of prescribed drugs or medicines. You might end up risking your health when you consume your prescribed medicines with the dietary supplements.

Get your facts straight about dietary supplements

The aforementioned myths are not the only myths you should be aware of, there are a lot of other myths that people confuse to be facts about dietary supplements. It’s suggested that you get your facts straight before jumping into conclusion. Dietary supplements are wonderful to provide fulfill the necessary minerals and vitamins, it’s recommended that you take them in prescribed quantity to avoid health complications and enjoy its health benefits.