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How Water Heaters We Use Today Came into Existence

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Have you ever wondered how people of early ages managed to get hot water? Of course, they didn’t have a water heater. There was only ice cold water during that times and people didn’t care to bathe much. They often masked their body odor using scented oils and perfumes, or simple walked around smelling really bad.

With the advancements in the civilization, people started realizing the importance of the need to bathe and started boiling water using the usual fire, but everyone couldn’t afford to do that. Even until the last century, running hot water was considered as luxury. But today, hot water has become a necessity, almost right up there alongside shelter, food, and clothing.

Over time, people employed many different ways for heating water. Here’s a brief description of how water heaters that we use today evolved over the centuries:

It all started with fire

During those times coal and wood were the most prevalent fuels and people usually heated water using pots kept over fire or using large kettles that were heated over cooking stoves. Some stoves were built with a tin or copper lined reservoir that can be filled with water for heating. Heating was a lot time consuming and people had to spend a lot on coal and wood fuel during those times.

The Heating storage tanks

People came up with an idea and started building an inbuilt heating tank in their bathrooms. They were still using coal and wood for heating the vessel but it saved their time of carrying around water from the kitchen to the bathroom. This was the first step towards inventing boilers and other water heaters.

The advent of boilers

A fully enclosed humungous water heater was invented during the 1800’s and it gave a new meaning to water heating. But they were still fueled using coal until the invention of gas and liquid fuels. With the arrival of high-energy generating gaseous fuels and liquid fuels, like kerosene, water was headed rapidly and made life a bit easier.

The early solar and electric water heaters

In the early 1900’s when every homes started getting electric connections, the new electric heaters came into existence. They were the initial electric heaters and people started installing them in their homes. It simple had a small tank that heated water using electricity. You have to wait for a few minutes for the water to get heated up before going for a bath.

Then the solar water heaters came into use. But they weren’t that efficient and so people started using the electric ones. Tank-type heaters then evolved over the years with many added features and then came the modern, sophisticated heaters that we use today.

Yes, you can go tankless!

The latest buzz in the town is the tankless water heater. It will instantaneously heat up the water and therefore will save a lot of time and energy compared to their tanked counterparts. Tankless water heaters are great inventions and many people have started installing them in their homes.