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First Aid Tips for Your Wounded Kids

Your kids’ taking their first steps might be a very special moment in your life. They learn to walk very slowly and in no time they’re running around the house with extreme vigor. Though it’s amazing to watch them experiment with their play skills, you might also feel some fear and a sense of anxiety that they might hurt themselves in the way.

You can never stop your children from playing or running around, but remember that it’s also natural for them to get hurt. The only we you could deal with it is by being prepared for the worst at any time.  Stock some first aid kits, get to know about the nearby doctors, get some advices from doctors, and more when your toddler starts going outside to play. Here are a few tips that could help you deal with a few common wounds in your children.

If your kid comes home crying with a bleeding cut or scratches make sure you stop the bleeding immediately. Clean the wound or the cut with an antiseptic lotion and cover it until it stops bleeding. Get enough details from them about how they got wounded and determine the severity of the issue. If they had hurt from a fall or while in other simple play activity then you need not worry. If they were wounded by any metal or had got any animal bites, then take them to a doctor immediately and get the wound examined.

backyard playground

Kids are often inquisitive about what’s around the kitchen or like to play around the fireplace. If they happen to get any burns immediately hold the exposed area under running cold water or apply a wet, cold towel over the burn. If the burn looks deep take you kid to a doctor immediately, before you try any first aid stunts. Small minor burns can be easily treated at home by applying a cooling lotion on the burnt area.

Nosebleeds are very common in kids. When they get nosebleeds make them sit upright and don’t let them lie on their back. If they are wearing any tight clothing around their neck, loosen the clothes make them feel comfortable. Hold the middle portion of their nose and apply pressure over the area. Make them lean forward and continue to apply pressure until the bleeding stops. When the bleeding has considerable reduced or stopped, apply an icepack over their nose for a few minutes. Just an hour or two of rest after a nosebleed will bring them back to their former self.

Sometimes children might get severely wounded by glass or splinters lying around their play area. Get a clean, sterilized tweezer and using rubbing alcohol slowly pull out glass or splinter from their wound. Clean the wound and hold it until the bleeding stops. Then apply antiseptic cream or lotion over the wounds. If it’s hard to remove then call 911 and immediately rush them to the hospital. It’s better to get it removed immediately. Make sure your child is safe after the accident and take good care of them.