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DIY Your Own Canopy Tent

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If you love staying outdoors after a grilling day of work, or if you love throwing parties to your friends and family in your own backyard then you must be aware of the importance of having a tent in your backyard or outdoor. The most commonly used tent for these situations is canopy tents that are not only sturdy but also provides great protection from the harsh sun rays and rain.

These tents can be used for protecting your vehicles, valuable furniture, guests during a party, and other things as well. Canopy tents can easily be available in the market and you get many varieties of sizes and materials from which the tents are made. However, if you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on buying one of these tents, you can always make one with simple materials and easy steps.

Here’s a simple guide that can assist you to make your own canopy tent:


One of the biggest advantages of the canopy tents is that they have a simple design yet they are ideal to provide shelter for camping or parties. The materials that you need to make a canopy tent are simple and can be easily accessible. To make a canopy tent you’ll need atarp with grommets, one pole which is 9-10 foot high, 4 poles that are 7-8 foot high, and nylon rope that you could use to tie the tent up.

Select the area to install the tent

After you gather all the required materials, you need to determine the place where you need to install the tent. You need to make sure that the tarp you buy can cover the whole area that you’re planning to set the tent in. This is why it’s recommended that you buy the tarp after selecting the area where you need to place the tent. Make sure you choose enough space to place the tent without any obstructions.

Fasten the corners

You need to tie the nylon rope to all the corners of the tarp. Make sure that all the pieces of rope measure the same and are strung through the grommet. The other end of the nylon ropes will then be used to secure the canopy tent once it’s erected.

Attach the corner poles

After tying the nylon ropes to the edges of the tarp, you need to attach the corner poles first. Take the four poles that you have and sink the poles into the ground. It’s advisable that you put one-quarter of the poles underground, this will help you get greater stability. Then lift the tarp up and secure its corners in the poles. You can take help of one another person to make your work easier.

Attach the center pole

Once you’re done attaching the corner poles you need to install the center pole. All you need to do is place the pole in the center of the tarp and then lift it to your desired height. Once you reach your desired height then fix the pole to the ground as tightly as possible.

Secure the canopy

This is the last step in making the canopy tent. You need to secure the tent to the ground by using the ropes that were tied in the corners earlier. Tie the ropes to a tent stake and then hammer the tent stake into the ground to make sure it’s completely secured. After securing the tent ropes makes sure the tent is tight enough otherwise there are chances that it may collapse. Once you make sure everything is tight your canopy tent is ready to be used.