Putting on weight is a piece of cake for most people, while losing them can be a daunting task when you’re unsure of the benefits that come with it. Shedding just 5 pounds or 5% of your body weight can do a lot to your health, like decreasing the dangerous fat that might risk you to health complications. It’s benefits all the way with for the weight losers from lower blood pressure to improving the sensitivity of your insulin.

Here’s a list of benefits you might be able to witness when you lose weight:

  1. Decrease the risk of heart attacks

Most people are prone to heat attacks when they have high blood cholesterol level, these cholesterols cause fat-like substance within your arteries. Fortunately, the best diet plans and exercise can help you lose weight and reduce this cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Research indicates that obese people after weight loss to be out of danger from heart attacks.

  1. A better self-esteem

Self-esteem plays a vital role to regulate your perception of life, it’s not just about clearing the interview or delivering the speech at the big hall where your self-esteem is the major influencer. People who shed 5% to 10% of their excess body weight to have better self-esteem and physical functioning. It can be a motivating factor when you learn to have shed little pounds which will motivate to lose more.

  1. Sound sleep and better mood

Nothing can be a better alternative to a good night sleep, people with at least 8 hours of sleep tend to be more healthier than the others. Weight loss helps you to get better quality of sleep at night, furthermore, weight loss helps to increase the duration of sleep. A good quality sleep ensures to reduce or keep your irritability and frustration at bay. It’s win-win situation for your sleep and mood with weight loss.

  1. Better sex drive

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism’s study suggests that men with an extra 30 pounds extra pounds tend to a decade older than the leaner men. You might not want your sex drive to be affected because of your unhealthy belly fat, it’s strongly suggested that you take measures to shed that excess fat and body mass for a better sex drive.

  1. Climbs the stairs for years to come

Today’s lifestyle has made lives simpler by using technological advancements in our daily lives, from escalators to cell phone. The same technological advancement has become a bane to your health, you might skip the stair and use the elevators which might make life easier for you now. You might not feel the same when your age, your excess weight will mean more wear and tear to your knee cartilage.

It’s recommended that you look into the aforementioned benefits of losing weight and motivate yourself to take measure to shed the excess weight. However, it might be an ideal solution to consult a dietician or take some dietary pills which might help in weight loss.